[Spirit of Leadership] Preparation

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Spirit of Leadership

Joshua is one of the greatest and most important leaders of the Old Testament. We often think of Joshua as a young man, yet he became older. About 40 years after he was introduced in Scripture, he emerged as the leader of a new generation. God’s promise to Abraham of possessing the land of Canaan would rise or fall on Joshua’s leadership. 

Numbers 27:18 says, “The LORD said to Moses, ‘Take Joshua son of Nun, a man in whom is the Spirit of leadership, and lay your hand on him.’” This word Spirit is the Hebrew word ruach, which means wind, or breath. It is the word used for the Spirit of God in the Old Testament. 

God told Moses to search among the people for a man who had the Spirit of leadership in him. And once Moses found him, he was to place his hand on him, giving him authority and responsibility. The hopes of many generations would rest on this man’s leadership.

If you’re going to have the Spirit of leadership on your life, like Joshua, there are some tests you’re going to have to pass. These are not tests that happen in the classroom, but in life. They are the test of the enemy’s attacks, the test of servanthood, the test of resistance, and the test of patience. We see each of these tests in Joshua’s life.

You might find yourself in a job or situation where you do not want to stay. If you will serve, conquer the flesh, trust in the intercession of Jesus, do what is right and keep a good attitude, and wait on the Lord through it all, God may keep you where you are for a while, but He will open the door for you someday. When the door opens, be ready to say “Yes, God.” Say yes to your destiny, to His calling. He’s been getting you ready for the Promised Land. And when you go in, you'll be free, rejoicing, and ready.