Why God's Way Takes Longer

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Trees Grow Slowly Grass Grows Fast

As I was staring at the largest tree in my backyard, I began to understand (what we all know): that trees grow slowly. You plant a seed for a tree, and it takes a while to sprout and grow to a decent size. On the other hand, grass and even plants grow a lot faster. They sprout up quickly, and sometimes you can even notice growth one day to the next.

Then it hit me: God wants you and I to be more like a tree. He isn’t interested in seeing rapid growth that will not make it to the next season and is ultimately unsustainable.

Although a tree grows slowly, it becomes a lot more sturdy and can withstand challenges that grass and plants can’t. The tree takes on deep and strong roots, not easily shaken.

I remember a storm we had last year that snapped my tomato plant in half. The plant had grown to about 3 feet in a matter of months and was not strong enough to survive when the winds came. Its roots were not that deep nor that strong.

Rest assured, God wants to make us strong and sturdy to withstand the inevitable storms in our lives.