Walking with Jesus

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Session 1

Hello! Welcome to your daily guided prayer session. Click the audio to experience guided prayer through today's passage — then, take a moment with the daily breath prayer. If you have more time today, consider using the prompts below.

Part 1. Preparing your heart to be present with God. We often get so busy with our lives that we forget that we already have God’s attention, all the time. Focused breathing helps the mind to pause, reset, and reorient our attention on God — let’s take a moment and focus on our breath.

Part 2. Slowly reading through the passage. I encourage you not to feel rushed. Try pausing after each word, letting your mind and heart have space to take in the gift of God’s word. Feel free to read over the passage a few times. If any words or phrases stand out, I invite you to gently repeat them back to God, and perhaps ask Him any questions that may come to mind.

Part 3. Breath prayers, as provided daily, are a simple way to engage the passage throughout your day. There are two parts to each breath prayer; simply say the first phrase as you breathe in, the second phrase as you breathe out. You can take small moments throughout your day to engage with this prayer (consider setting several daily reminders on your phone). This is also a great way to calm yourself when you get flustered amidst the busyness of life.


Breath Prayer - Session 1


Lamb of God...


Who takes away our sin…