What is our response to COVID-19?

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What is Our Response to COVID-19?

Day 1

By Rocky Fleming

And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”  Matthew 28:18-20

Note in Jesus’ “Great Commission” to His disciples, which means you and me, He tells us that we are to proactively play our part in our endeavor to make disciples.  The way we do it is oftentimes creative, and that option is given to us except it must contain what He taught, and in my opinion, the heart of it is for His family to abide/remain in Him.  In this day and time, we must be creative but not discouraged or see ourselves limited if our form changes.  Sure, there is a paradigm shift occurring right now with limiting large gatherings and in some cases close contact with others.  Some would question if discipleship-making can survive with such limitations.

Some would say we are not reckless enough and adverse to risk when we honor a mandate to not gather in large groups.  Some would even challenge the faith of those who look for other means to make disciples and say that they do not believe in God’s sovereignty or length of days over their life and it exposes spiritual weakness.   But those who do not see alternatives are not working the problem.  They are trying to maintain an old form, which might be seen as the only way, but it can also be seen as an old wineskin.   So, let me give you my thoughts on it if you are interested.  But I always say that you must pray, seek wisdom from God’s word, and make you own judgment call. That is why we promote self-feeding in God’s Word.  Let’s look at biblical history for guidance.

In Israel there was at a time that a great disbursement of the Church occurred.  It moved the Church outward from its home base and was forced into greater parts of the world.  Are we also seeing a disbursement from our buildings and old ways to new ways to spread the Gospel?

There was also a time that a great persecution of the Church forced people to hide out in catacombs and such, and to go inward from the world out there to be safe.  That is still the same in parts of the world with the persecuted Church there.  Are they wrong to do this?

In both of these occasions the Church grew, and its faith was purified not weakened.  I’m sure there were those who felt the movement of Christ was defeated and that was that.  But this is indeed where God’s sovereignty and master planning comes into play, if we will seek Him and flex with Him as He leads us into new ways … into new wineskins.  It didn’t end there for them and we are living testaments of it.  In fact, they thrived.

We will see God prevail now with making disciples and we will grow even more.  That is seen in history, and we can learn from it in this current crisis.  But we have to consider news ways to convey something that is over two thousand years old.  Here’s what Influencers is doing.

We are embracing with excitement our ability to use technology to both connect, disciple, pray together and to encourage one another.  This technology will also enable us to play our part, but not every part, with making disciples.  Some people will find it limiting and want to be out there among people.  Our encouragement is to follow God’s leadership to you.  But be careful to not impose your perspective on others and spiritualize it to be right and others are wrong.  Instead seek and do what Jesus wants of you.

As for me I feel that God is telling me to keep going with making disciples, and to do it any way that works.  That’s the true measurement isn’t it?  I want to expand my knowledge and use of technology and stay connected with those who cannot be in our groups.  As a 75 year old man with some challenging health issues right now, I am advised by family, friends and board members to reduce my exposure to the virus for a short while.  Therefore I will be using technology during this period to keep going and doing my King’s call on my life.  I may do things differently for a while.  But I will be involved making disciples … just using a different wineskin model.

Tomorrow and the days following I will be sharing some ways you can continue being connected with receiving and serving.  Maybe I can give you some new ideas and get you excited.  Let’s approach this as a challenge that can be faced, and with God’s help expand His Kingdom even more.

God bless you.  Be talking to you tomorrow.