Perfect Trust

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The Object of Your Faith

If you are honest, like any follower of Jesus Christ, there are times when you find yourself questioning whether you can truly trust God. In fact, as you read this you might find yourself really struggling in your faith. You wonder whether you can trust God for the situation you are facing… whether what you asked of Him will be given… or perhaps you are facing a crisis of faith. 

Whatever your situation, consider this truth: The strength of your faith is directly related to the trustworthiness of the object of your faith. 

Think about that for a moment. If you don’t believe that a particular object is trustworthy, your faith in that object will be compromised. 

For example, if someone is known to be unable to hold a confidence, you’re unlikely to trust that person with highly personal or otherwise confidential information. Because they aren’t trustworthy, you can’t really put your faith in them to hold a confidence. 

Or on a practical level, let’s say you need a plumber. As you do your research, you’re unlikely to trust one if they have a one-star rating and a series of bad reviews. But if you find one with hundreds of five-star ratings and rave reviews, you’re much more likely to trust them to fix your problem correctly.  

The strength of your faith is directly related to the trustworthiness of the object of your faith. 

The trustworthiness of someone is ultimately rooted in their character. And with God, He is wholly unlike anyone else. Because His character is perfect. As John tells us in I John 1:5, "God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.” There is no blemish. No imperfection. No deficiency. 

He is perfect. In every way. 

In today's reading in Isaiah 55 we're told, His ways are not our ways. He is not like our earthly counterparts who are not trustworthy. Who will fail us. Who will disappoint. And unfortunately, we overlay on God that lack of trust because we compare Him to our known experiences and relationships. And our experience teaches us not to fully trust. 

But He is fully trustworthy. He won’t fail you, because He can’t. 

In the following readings we will look at the character of God and how His perfect character makes Him fully trustworthy. And how understanding and knowing the perfection of His character will make your faith stronger than you could possibly imagine.

RESPOND: Write down three reasons you struggle to fully trust God. Pray that over the next 10 days God will help you overcome these doubts and come to a place where you can trust Him no matter what.