Nadzieja w czasie globalnej pandemii Przykład

Hope During A Global Pandemic

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The world we all want used to be the reality (Genesis 1) and will one day be the reality again (Revelation 22). In the meantime, what went wrong? Why is there sin, suffering, disease, and fighting? Genesis 3:1-24 shows us why the world is broken.

The impact of Genesis 3:1-24 wasn’t limited to Adam and Eve, but to their children and to all of creation. Romans 8:18-23 explains how all of creation has been subjected to the futility of the curse of sin and is groaning for redemption. Disasters and disease are sometimes just part of living in a broken world.

There is an unseen drama playing out behind the scenes - a spiritual reality that is just as authentic as what we can see and touch. God has enemies and those enemies desire to hurt God and his people, but God is sovereign through it all!

What can be seen about God - his eternal power and wisdom - is evident by looking at creation, but rather than learning from God’s general revelation, humanity covers its ears. By rejecting God, mankind invites disasters upon itself.

The refreshing thing for us is that in the midst of difficult times, God is always able to bring glory to himself!

Daily Discovery Questions:

  1. What does this teach us about God?

  2. What does this teach us about ourselves and other people?

  3. How does this help me to better understand how to respond to the Coronavirus?

  4. How will you obey this passage personally, today?

  5. Who can you share these verses with today?

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