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Reading the Bible // Section 1: How it Got to Us

The statement Paul is making here is powerful. He makes it clear that we can’t simply ‘pick and choose’ which Bible passages are true and which are not – ALL of scripture is useful for teaching and training us to be righteous. Alongside of this idea is the concept that the Bible was written to equip us, not just to be read and forgotten – it has the power to change our lives and gives us the power to change the world! However, if we simply read the words and don't let them change our lives or obey them, it will have a similar effect to reading a phone book. God's Word is meant to be alive and active in our lives: it's incredibly challenging at times, but so worth it.

So if you're doing this Bible plan with no real intention of being changed by God's Word, you might as well stop this plan now. But if you're willing to jump in, be changed, and have God begin to use you to change the world, start waking up 20 minutes early every morning and using this devotional to get started!

Practical Steps: Write down this verse, and as we go through this devotional, make it a point to read this aloud prior to each day’s devotional to remind our souls that God’s word is powerful. Ask specifically that God would help us to understand what the usefulness is behind each of the verses that will be studied throughout the rest of this devotional.

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"The Other Six" Devotional Series

This 40 day reading plan is designed to teach and guide Christians through what it means to follow Jesus not just on Sunday, ...


We would like to thank Journey Church for providing this plan. For more information, please visit: http://JRNY.church

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