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Testament Newydd gyda Nodiadau 1894-1915 (William Edwards)

Welsh, Galés

William Edwards

William Edwards was born at Llanafon, Login in Carmarthenshire in 1848. He attended Pontypool Baptist College and then graduated from Regent's Park College, London. From 1872 to 1880 he worked as a tutor at Haverfordwest Baptist College. He then to Pontypool where he taught New Testament Greek. In 1882, he promoted the creation of University College, Cardiff and he moved to Cardiff in 1893.

Here is Love

William Edwards is known for his English translation of the Welsh hymn Dyma gariad fel y moroedd. He translated it into English as Here is love, vast as the ocean. This was written by William Rees, better known by his bardic name Gwilym Hiraethog. This appeared in the English language Baptist hymnal from 1900.

Chairman of the Baptist Union

From 1906, Edwards was chairman of the Welsh Baptist Union, and from 1911 he was also chairman of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland. He retired in 1925, and died in Cardiff in 1929, aged 80.

New Testament

His main work was a revision of the Welsh New Testament, to which he added introductions, and critical and historical notes. This was called Cyfieithiad Newydd o'r Testament Newydd gyda Nodiadau. It was published in 4 volumes or parts (cyfrol). First the four Gospels were published in 1894, then the Book of Acts in 1898, then Paul's Epistles in 1913 and then the rest of the New Testament from Hebrews to Revelation in 1915.

Digital Edition

These four volumes were combined, and were digitised for the Bible Society, with the help of MissionAssist in 2023. 

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