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  • Why Do We Call It Christmas?

    10 Days

    Connect modern traditions with Jesus' birth in this reading plan from: What's in the Bible? Santa Claus? Christmas trees? What do these things have to do with Jesus? More than you think! Each reading plan contains a video, Scripture reading, and short reflection. Based on Phil Vischer's Buck Denver Asks - Why Do We Call It Christmas?

  • Grow Up!

    10 Days 160x160

    Grow up? Doesn’t that just happen when you get older? Not when you’re talking about growing up for God! Find out how your heart can be MATURE! For Parents: Your child will have a deeper understanding of each day’s reading and questions if you complete this plan with them. This plan includes several games to play for verse memorization. You may want to supervise use of materials.

  • The Ten Commandments

    11 Days

    The 10 Commandments are important for our lives! Buck Denver & Friends take you on a journey to understand why God gave the commandments to the Israelites and then dive into each commandment for a deeper understanding of what they mean for our lives today. Each day includes a short video, verse and reflection.

  • 12 Leadership Ideas To Do With Your Kids

    12 Days 160x160

    You may be in a season that allows for you to spend fun, quality time with your kids. What if you also added in some opportunities for your kids to take steps toward healthy maturity? In this plan (from leadership expert Dr. Tim Elmore) come 12 unique ideas, each constructed with an engaging activity and scripture to help you facilitate spiritual and emotional growth in your kids.

  • Marriage and Family Life Reading Plan

    14 Days 160x160

    This 14-day reading plan focuses on ways to help you build and strengthen your marriage and your family. Topics include building character, growing in faith, teaching children the value of excellence, and training them to walk with God. These reflections come from the Family Life Marriage Bible.

  • I Can Learn The Bible: The Joshua Code For Kids

    14 Days 160x160

    Using kid-friendly language, I Can Learn the Bible teaches scriptures in a way children can understand. Each week, kids will commit a new scripture to memory by reading a fun, engaging devotional that’s doable for a child.

  • Kids Making A Difference

    15 Days 160x160

    Kids could choose to spend their time a lot of different ways. This plan challenges them to use their lives to make a difference! Our culture sends the message to kids that childhood is all about entertainment, sports, self-indulgence, and really just “taking it easy.” God has bigger plans for His children—even the ones in elementary school!

  • Worship

    16 Days 160x160

    Worship is more than singing and dancing for God. Come together as a family and find out what worship really means! Play games, watch videos, and think about questions that help your children find a greater understanding of worship and the Bible. Parents: You may want to supervise your child’s use of the materials listed for each game.

  • I Can Be A Friend

    16 Days 160x160

    With God’s help, you can be a friend that’s kind, wise, faithful, and fearless. Find out more with this Bible plan! For Parents: Read this plan with your child. Each week includes four readings, with one weekly game to play for verse memorization. You may want to supervise use of materials.

  • Kids Can P.R.A.Y

    16 Days 160x160

    Kids can pray! What is prayer? Is it asking God to grant all my wishes? Do I have to use fancy words? No way! Prayer is just talking to God whenever you think about Him. You can learn when to pray to God, how to respect Him, and how to listen quietly to Him, too! Get ready to P.R.A.Y. by praising, repenting, asking, and yielding.

  • Leaving A Lasting Legacy

    19 Days 160x160

    Christianity is always just one generation away from extinction. Join Pastor Rick for this series as he teaches how to pass on a legacy of faith, hope, love, and generosity to the next generation so they can live holy, purpose driven lives.

  • One Another

    20 Days 160x160

    Jesus told us what’s most important—love God. And next, love one another. Mike, Ray, Alissa, Clint, and Cruz from the Konnect Space Station LOVE watching a show all about LOVING one another! Watch videos from "That’s It!" with them each day! FOR PARENTS: Your child will have a deeper understanding of each day’s video, reading, and questions if you complete this plan with them

  • Handling Media Influences

    21 Days 160x160

    What we see and hear affects our hearts and minds, and shapes our attitudes and actions. Does the Bible really have something to say about media that wasn't even invented in Bible times? Yes! This reading plan challenges us to make the most of technology and media while guarding ourselves from its potential negative influence. It includes devotional content, Bible passages, discussion questions, and kid-friendly videos.

  • Walk With Jesus: 21 Days Through Matthew

    21 Days

    Spend 21 days walking with Jesus! Follow the book of Matthew from Jesus' birth through His ascension. Each reading includes a short video from Phil Vischer's series, "Buck Denver Asks - What's in the Bible?", scripture reading, and a short reflection.

  • NIV Once-A-Day At the Table Family Devotional

    21 Days

    This is a 21 day extract of the Once-A-Day At the Table Family Devotional with 365 daily readings to help you start conversations with your family around the dinner table centered on God’s Word. Each daily reading has Bible text, a short devotion and a question for reflection, all designed to help foster positive, biblically directed conversation around the table.

  • Just For Dads: Be A Positive Christian Role Model

    21 Days 160x160

    This devotional Bible reading plan for Dad's includes 21 readings that help you to be a positive Christian role model for your family. These readings will cover topics such as self-discipline, love, patience and much more. This devotional plan will help in your day-to-day life to show your children what it truly means to be a role model and follower of Christ in every sense.

  • Nurturing Great Kids

    21 Days 160x160

    Raising children brings incredible joy and fulfillment, as well as frustration, uncertainty, and stress. Fortunately, God gives us guidance on how to be godly parents. This 21-day reading plan helps you bring God and His Word into your parenting. Readings help you build a stronger relationship with your kids while putting God first in your family. Devotions are selected from the Once-a-Day: Nurturing Great Kids Devotional by Zondervan.

  • Healthy Practices Of Ministry Couples

    22 Days

    This 16-day devotional (with two catch-up days) was written for couples in ministry roles by couples in ministry roles. At Leading and Loving It, we believe that ministries will not be healthy unless marriages are healthy first. You and your spouse will discuss a variety of topics including communication, finances and sexual intimacy!

  • The Book of Daniel with Kids

    22 Days 160x160

    This family reading plan helps kids understand how to explore studying a specific book of the Bible. The book of Daniel is made up of two parts--the court stories from Daniel's life and his prophetic visions. These passages, discussion questions, and videos take kids through a study of the narrative story half of the book of Daniel, bringing these exciting stories into practical application for any growing believer.

  • What's In The Bible: Heroes Of The Old Testament

    25 Days

    We can learn so much from the heroes of the Bible! Some of them are unlikely heroes - ordinary people who God uses in extraordinary ways to move forward His great plan. This reading plan will uncover some of your favorite Bible characters and encourage you to see how God worked through them - and think about how God is working through you! Each day includes a Scripture reading, video, and short reflection.

  • A Quest for God's Purpose

    27 Days 160x160

    What you are made to do is called your purpose. God’s purpose for you is to bring Him glory. Everyone brings God glory in a different way. God gives you clues to find out what your way to bring Him glory is. In this reading plan, you will be a purpose private eye and uncover what those clues are!

  • Courageous Kids

    28 Days 160x160

    The Bible is full of examples of amazing people who demonstrated courage. But can a kid live out extraordinary courage in just their ordinary life? This plan includes some kid-friendly videos of some Bible greats and takes us through their stories of courage while also exploring other verses and passages that challenge us to live with courage in our everyday walk with Christ.

  • 'On The Farm' Parenting Devotional

    28 Days 160x160

    This 28-day reading plan is designed to help parents understand Biblical principles of raising children to be strong follower’s of Christ.

  • Family Matters

    28 Days 160x160

    Who is in my family? Why did God give me a family, anyway? What does God expect me to do for my family? God’s words in the Bible to answer all these questions and more! Find out why family matters! For Parents: Read this plan with your child. Each week includes four readings, with one weekly game to play for verse memorization. You may want to supervise use of materials.

  • God Is My Father

    28 Days 160x160

    Some kids know their earthly dad. Some don’t. But we can all get to know the best Dad…God, our heavenly Father! Read about God’s love, His promises, being adopted by Him, and how you can look like His kid! For Parents: Read this plan with your child. Each week includes four readings, with one weekly game to play for verse memorization. You may want to supervise use of materials.