Thirty-One Truths: Who I Am in Christ


Ephesians 1 and 2 can revolutionize our understanding of who we are in Christ. Why? Because it is the gospel! Spend the following 31 days developing the habit of taking the truths from these chapters to heart and become who you have been called to be—bring the gospel to life! I challenge you to daily take every thought captive and test and see if you are thinking, feeling, and living in light of these 31 truths.

Don’t be discouraged. Don’t procrastinate. Remember the power you have been given in Christ and replace any untruths with these truths from Ephesians and be radically transformed by the renewing of your mind. Look forward to living the rest of your days in the truths of who you are in Christ. He died that we might live.

Enjoy His life and His power and His righteousness and walk forward by faith in every spiritual blessing you have been given in Christ and bring glory to His name! Throughout the following weeks, prayerfully meditate upon who you are and thank the Lord. Imagine the lives of those around you who will be impacted as you fully receive every spiritual blessing you have been given. Thank you, Lord, for all we have been given in Christ!


A Saint
Faithful in Christ Jesus
Given Grace
Made Part of Christ’s Body
Given Mercy
Given Peace
Blessed with Every Spiritual Blessing
Chosen Before the Foundation of the World
Holy and Blameless
Predestined for Adoption
Adopted as a Son
Redeemed through His Blood
Forgiven of Trespasses
Lavished with Grace
Given Knowledge of the Mystery of His Will
Sealed with the Holy Spirit
Guaranteed an Inheritance
Given Faith
Given Hope
Given God’s Power
Made Alive with Christ
Saved by Grace
Raised up with Christ
Seated with Christ in the Heavenly Places
A Display of God’s Grace/Kindness in the Coming Ages
Given the Gift of Salvation
God’s Workmanship
Created in Christ Jesus for Good Works
No Longer a Stranger to the Covenants of Promise
Brought Near by the Blood of Christ
Made Part of One New Man (Jews with Gentiles)
Reconciled to God
Given Access to the Father
A Fellow Citizen with the Saints
A Member of God’s Household
A Holy Temple (United with other Believers)
Being Built Together into a Dwelling Place for God with Other Believers