Experiencing God At Home For Daily Family

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     Parent Connection 

    If we are truly convinced that the Bible’s words are truly God’s words and that they are life-changing, then it makes sense that we would spend time in them. In order for our children to share our passion for the Bible, they not only need to learn from the Bible but they also need to learn about their Bibles—how we know that it is God’s Word, how it was put together, why we can trust it, and how we can experience God through it. This week’s devotions will strengthen your children’s understanding of the truth about God’s Word.


    The foundational truth is that the Bible is God’s book; however, that foundation is meant to have a very real relationship with God built upon it. God’s Word points us to God so we can experience Him in our lives; then, God points us back to His Word to learn more about Him and therefore, experience Him more deeply and profoundly.

    The Bible and our relationship with God are inseparable. To help your children establish this connection, share stories from your own walk with God, showing them how things you’ve learned from God’s Word have changed you and/or your life and helped you experience God. It’s this life- changing connection that truly demonstrates that the Bible is God’s book. 

    For a more thorough understanding of how to read the Bible with understanding, see Encounters with God: Transforming Your Bible Study by Drs. Henry, Melvin, and Norman Blackaby.