Daily Power By Craig Groeschel: Fuel For Your Soul

Daily Power By Craig Groeschel: Fuel For Your Soul

DAY 1 OF 12

One small decision today could have a big impact on tomorrow. Chances are you can think of something right now that you know God would love to include in your story. Just consider what might happen if you remember to floss tonight or work out tomorrow morning or attend church this Sunday or spend some special time with someone you love.

It doesn’t always take a long time to see big differences in your life. What story do you believe God wants you to tell five or ten years from now? What does God want you to want? Jot down your thoughts about what you believe God wants for your future. Your ideas don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to commit to what you write just yet. Just capture on paper the first thoughts that come to mind.

Based on what you believe God wants you to want, what discipline do you need to start doing to head toward where God wants you to go? Choose one thing. You’ll be tempted to pick three, four, or even ten, but don’t. Whatever you do, pick just one thing. Because if you pick more than one, you likely won’t achieve any of them. But if you select just one, you absolutely can start writing the story God wants you to write.

Power Lift: Show me how you want me to grow this year, God. Give me your wisdom and discernment to know how to focus my habits, choices, and routines on one area of change.

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Daily Power By Craig Groeschel: Fuel For Your Soul

Do you know how we grow? We practice daily. Most people don’t realize it’s the things no one sees that result in the things everyone wants. Everyone wants daily power, and this 12-day Bible Plan includes one day from eac...

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