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Advance Your Sharing SkillsSample

Advance Your Sharing Skills

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### Learn What They Do The idea of being a lifelong learner applies to many areas of life. In a professional setting, people often take extra classes or refresher courses. Parents often look for ideas to better guide their children. As we seek to share our faith, we should place ourselves in settings where we can constantly learn and grow in doing that. Adam Stadtmiller began his journey with God with someone who modeled continual growth to him. [ Listen to Adam ]( --- [The audio portion of this devotional is not available on your device. To hear this audio, visit your plan at] Dave, Adam’s mentor, read through the Bible every year. He used a new Bible to record his thoughts and his shelf of almost 20 Bibles showed how committed he was to advancing his skills. We should have the same mindset of continual growth . Consider some ways you can learn how to better share your faith - especially from others. Do you need some training? A mentor? Or a partner to join you in reaching out to others? Start by being a good student of God's word, but do not stop there. Look for other avenues of growth in your everyday life. For more information about Making Your Life Count , visit [ ](
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Advance Your Sharing Skills

As you begin to talk more with others about Jesus, it is important to develop your sharing skills . Growth involves learning how to share about Jesus more naturally and frequently. Each of these devotionals contain a sh...


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