Acts Reading Guide

Paul’s journey to Rome was frustrating. Transferring from ship to ship, he was hauled across international waters, chained as a prisoner at the mercy of poor decision makers. Although Paul warned the captain that pressing forward would be disastrous, the captain listened to other advice and the ship crashed, splintering into pieces. If everyone on the ship had perished but Paul, he would have been a free man. Instead, Paul accepted his role as prisoner and instructed everyone how to survive after the storm. Instead of bitterness, Paul saved lives.

How many of us can say we would have responded the same way? Paul valued the salvation of others more than his own comfort. Do you value others’ salvation more than your own comfort?

1) What does this passage teach us about God? How does it apply to you?

2) Have you ever listened to the wrong people and made a wrong decision you regretted? How has God been faithful to you in spite of that decision?

3) How has God proven trustworthy in your life? Are you more concerned with others or your own preservation?