Life Experiences: Lessons From The Book Of Luke

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What God did and is doing in the lives of people can change you!

Have you experienced the time when you doubted God’s ability to intervene in your seemingly problematic situations?

When King Herod imprisoned John the Baptist, he wondered if Jesus was really the promised Messiah. It was probably because Jesus wasn't even lifting a hand to help him get out of prison. John asked his followers to question Jesus about this matter. Jesus responded to these followers by not directly answering John's question, on one hand, He told them to tell John what He, Jesus, was doing: (1) He was healing people of their diseases (2) He was bringing dead men back to life, and (3) He was giving the Word of God to the needy.

Let me share with you my case: I doubted God when the situations in my life seemed hopeless that led me to ask Him if He can do something about those. God answered by reminding me of the miracles He did in the lives of the people whom I knew. He also made me remember the stories of His interventions in the lives of the people of the Bible. Because of those stories I get assurances that He is God no matter what is happening and that, I should allow Him to be the God that He was, is and will be in my life!

How about you? How are you doing when your life gets tough?

Prayer for Today: Lord God, thank You that You have recorded in tablets of stones, in rolls of leathers, in pages of printed papers, and now in the cyber spaces the wonderful acts you have done to your people. Thank You that You have even retained those in my memory!

God please always remind me when I start to be afraid and when I start not trusting You that You can change circumstances and assure me of You being the God of my life even if the circumstances doesn’t change! Thank You in Jesus name.

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