A Quest for God's Purpose

Day 1 of 27

Purpose Clue #1: My purpose makes others think about God.

Think about it. You can choose to bring God glory, or to bring yourself glory. When you bring God glory, you help others first and make God’s heart happy. When you bring yourself glory, you put yourself first and other people cannot learn about God from you. It’s good to think about how God has made you special, but remember not to think about yourself all the time!

Tell Someone: How you can help others think about God’s mighty name?

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About this plan

What you are made to do is called your purpose. God’s purpose for you is to bring Him glory. Everyone brings God glory in a different way. God gives you clues to find out what your way to bring Him glory is. In this reading plan, you will be a purpose private eye and uncover what those clues are!


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