A Place Of Security

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Read Psalm 63:8.

My father had huge, very strong hands. Having been a carpenter as a young man, he knew how to build or repair almost anything. His hands are one of the things I remember best about him. He loved to take my hand and hold it in his, especially in church on Sunday morning. My little hand would be engulfed in his. There was such strength in those hands, but also great gentleness. In my childlike weakness, I rested in my father's strength. I knew a place of security.

The hand is the part of the body that enables a man to make tools, build, construct and create. Thus it is associated with power or control. The creative power of our hands is a reflection of the image of God, who intended us to use our hands to lovingly rule creation (Genesis 1:28).

Humanity failed to obey God. But in eternity past, God purposed to make a people renewed in His image for Himself. He saw our sinful pride and rebellion beforehand and determined to make a way for His people to be in relationship with Him.

Out of the depths of His love and mercy, He ordained that He would provide Himself as the payment for our unpayable debt. He knew there would be no other means of rescue. So out of eternity, God reached forth His mighty, loving right hand into the pit of destruction to gather a people unto Himself. He undertook to do for us what we were unable to do.

As He reveals to us our sinfulness and our helplessness, and as we cry out to Him for mercy, we are rescued by His hand and pulled safely out of the darkness into the light. We experience a radical transformation.

The Bible tells us that once we were darkness, now we are light (Ephesians 5:8). Our sin has been forgiven, our debt has been cancelled, and we have been transferred from the kingdom of evil to the kingdom of God (Colossians 1:13-14).

In the pattern of Romans 12:2, what is one scripture from today that the Lord is using to renew your mind and transform your heart? Take this truth to heart and bring it to life throughout your day.

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Maybe you believe in God, but do you trust Him and hold fast to Him, knowing that His right hand upholds you? This five-day plan from Thistlebend Ministries will help you learn to trust in the Lord's power, cling to His right hand, and believe His promises.


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