The Book of Daniel with Kids

Day 1 of 22 • This day’s reading


God wants to you walk with Him. When we walk in God’s way, that doesn’t mean we just follow His steps every once in a while. Walking with someone means staying close, keeping up with them, turning when they turn, following their every move. That’s what God wants us to do—to walk with Him. God is looking for kids who are willing to live like Daniel and his three friends. They weren’t much older than you but they knew exactly what God expected of them. They chose to do things God’s way. They were committed with their whole heart to living the way God wanted no matter what.

You’re going to be in situations where you wouldn’t get caught and no one would think anything of it if you went ahead and made a choice to disobey God’s way. But when you have made a decision to walk with God with our whole heart, you will make the same choice Daniel and his friends did. You will walk in God’s way, and with your whole heart obey.

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