Bible Survey: Part Two

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In chapters 16 & 17, Absalom took control of the capitol city of Jerusalem. Absalom demonstrated his complete disrespect for his father by sleeping with David’s concubines (slave wives). Absalom then made a key mistake by delaying his pursuit of David. This gave David time to organize those who were still loyal to him. In today’s reading we see that despite Absalom’s terrible behavior, David wanted his life to be spared. David was able to keep his kingdom, as God promised, but barely and at great personal cost.

God has made many promises to us including eternity in heaven and His presence in us. God will keep those promises, no matter what, but that doesn’t prevent us from going through some painful consequences when we make poor choices.

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This is the second part of a 365 day plan that contains key chapters from each book of the Bible. Weekends can be used to catch up on missed readings or for reflection. Notes are also included to assist with understanding.


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