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In some ways the Cosmic Battle can be reduced to a confrontation between two "gods": Jehovah, the one true God; and Satan, the false "god" of this present age. As sojourners living in enemy territory, under the shadow of the usurper's rule, Christians can all too easily succumb to the influence of his perspective on life and reality. That perspective assaults us daily in the form of popular philosophy and contemporary cultural assumptions. Am I constantly on my guard against the whispered suggestions of a malicious and deceptive Enemy?

Father in heaven, enlighten my eyes. Keep me from sleeping the sleep of death. Let my enemy have no occasion to say, "I have prevailed against him" (PSA. 13.3-4). Teach me to distrust my own inclinations and to turn away from the seductive messages of the surrounding culture. I choose to lean instead upon the unfailing Truth of Your Word. You have delivered me from the snares of the fowler and from the pestilence that walks in darkness (PSA.91.3, PSA.91.6). Set a watch upon my heart (NEH.4.9) and hide me in the shadow of Your secret place (PSA.91.1).

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A twelve day plan that provides a contemplation of God and self, designed to draw you closer to Him and His Truth provided by Focus on the Family's The Truth Project.


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