Truth Pursuer: Rock Solid Faith

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Rock as Monument

Monuments are stone structures built to help people remember a particular person or event. Washington, D.C., is full of monuments to former presidents or heroes. In smaller towns, monuments are sometimes erected to recognize founding fathers.

Even in Bible times, kings built monuments to honor themselves (Saul—1 Samuel 15:12; Absalom—2 Samuel 18:18). God didn’t like it when people built monuments to honor themselves, but He was pleased when someone stacked rocks as a monument to signify a time when they met God in a special way or God did something miraculous. These “standing stones” helped people remember God’s power and provision (Joshua 4:1-24).

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"When crews build a skyscraper, they dig down before they build up. Only structures anchored on solid bedrock are secure enough to withstand dynamic forces of nature and remain strong. Building your spiritual life is similar to constructing a skyscraper. In Matthew 7:24-25, Jesus said people who hear His words and put them into practice are like a wise man who builds his house on the rock. Unless we have a foundation anchored on Jesus Christ, the Solid Rock, we’re likely to fall apart when life challenges us with unexpected events and everyday pressures. Copyright (c) Candy Arrington, Focus on the Family."


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