NIV Once-A-Day Walk With Jesus Devotional

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The Wonderful Names of Jesus

What if people wore the meaning of their names for all to see? You’d smile to meet David (“beloved”), chuckle at Mary (“stubbornness”), nod with Joanna (“God is gracious”).

Matthew 1 begins with a long genealogy of more than 40 names — ​a few are familiar, many are obscure, but all look forward to the arrival of one central figure: the one named Jesus (“Savior”) or Immanuel (“God with us”).

Charles Spurgeon was thoroughly captivated — ​and motivated — ​by the names of Jesus. What’s in a name? Let’s let Mr. Spurgeon explain.

Walk With Charles Spurgeon

“In these days we call children by names which have no particular meaning. But in times past names meant something. Especially is this the case in every name ascribed to the Lord Jesus.

“ ‘He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace’ (Isaiah 9:6), because he really is all these things.

“His name is Jesus because no other name could fairly describe his great work of saving his people from their sins.

“His name is Immanuel — ​‘God with us’ — ​because there is no pain that tears the heart but what Jesus has been with us in it all. In the fires and in the rivers, in the cold night and under the burning sun, he cries, ‘I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God’ (Isaiah 41:10).”

Walk Closer to God

You can think of Matthew 1 as a long list of names. Or you can view it as the roots of the Savior who came

as Immanuel — ​to be with you,

as Counselor — ​to provide wisdom,

as Prince of Peace — ​to heal a relationship.

He came wearing names that revealed his purpose and character.

Have you come to him with your needs today?

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The Once-A-Day Walk with Jesus Devotional incorporates unique ways to be drawn into God’s Word. This 21 day extract of the 365 daily readings will start you on your journey through the New Testament and strengthen your faith. Each day includes a brief meditation passage, a Scripture reference for the New Testament text, a quote from a remarkable Christian writer of the past, and an application section relevant for your life today.


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