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Prepare: Try to imagine yourself as an Israelite of ancient times, hearing Genesis 1 read for the first time.

Creator God

We mostly think of this chapter as telling us about creation and, of course, it does. Such a focus may distract us from the central character in the story: God himself. From this creation account, Christians can learn a host of vital truths about their Creator.

First, (v 1) our God was not only there at the beginning but active and available. His Spirit was moving in an eternal, incomprehensible existence before we were made.

In control

Second (v 3), there is a firm sense of God being utterly in control of events. Personally I find it easier to conceive of him being in command of that first, dramatic burst of light than of the jostling city where I live, but this is just my tiny perspective. The truth is that God is completely in charge. Whatever he declares comes to pass.

Yet there is so much more to our Lord than power. Verses 14–19 reveal him as delighting in his creation. From the beginning, his work is colourful, joyful, even humorous.

Devoted to us

Then note in verse 22 that God’s desire is not only to make but to bless the animals he has made. (There is nothing embarrassing about talking to animals: God did it first!)

Finally, it is clear that he is especially devoted to us, whom he made in his image (vs 27,28).

Respond: Learn about how we should spend our lives from God’s activity in this passage.


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