She Reads Truth: Colossians : Day 2

Partners in the Gospel

Have you ever told a friend that you’d pray for them, but then not really been sure exactly what to pray? Or worse, forget the commitment that you made to your friend to pray all together?

In this passage, Paul and Timothy (note the occurrences of “we” and “us” throughout this section) tell their “partners in the gospel” at Colossae that they’re praying for them - not just individually, but in tandem. (Remember Jesus’ words in Matthew 18:20, “For where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Paul and Timothy are living Christ’s words!) And in this passage, they tell the Colossians (and us!) just exactly how they are lifting their brothers and sisters in Christ before the throne.

Now, if you’re a list maker like me, you’re going to love this next part. (I can’t help but want to bust out some bullet points and really study this ministry of intercession!) Let’s make a list together of the specific things Paul and Timothy are praying, shall we?

Praying For Our Friends

  1. Thank God for them. (v. 3)

  2. Ask that they will be given wise minds with spirits attuned to his will (v. 9)

  3. Pray that they will honor God with their lives (v. 10)

  4. Pray that they will bear fruit in every good work (v. 10)

  5. Pray that they will increase in the knowledge of God (v. 10)

  6. Ask that they will be strengthened in all power with endurance and patience with joy. (v. 11)

  7. Ask that they would also give thanks to the Father from Whom their inheritance comes (v. 12)

So, what now?

Sisters, what if we prayed these things with and for our friends (our partners in the gospel) faithfully?

What if they prayed these things for us?

I encourage you to commit with a friend (in your church, in your city, in another country, or in the SheReadsTruth community) to pray these specific things for each other this week (and beyond, of course!). Don’t have anyone you can ask to pray with and for you? Click the link below and ask! We’re a community who reads truth together and prays together. Let’s use God’s Word as our guide to pray – really pray – in tandem for our partners in the gospel!

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