Living Light in 25 Words

Day 1 of 31

How would you explain what it means, that Jesus "saved his people from their sins" to a friend who is not a Christian?

For further reading: Matthew 1:18-25.

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About this plan

Bible Society Australia is encouraging all Christians to kick start their Bible reading habit, starting with just 25 words from the Bible every day for 31 days. The Bible is made up of chunks of about 25 words- what we call verses. And that's about the number of words we use on Twitter, in an SMS, a Facebook status update. It seems God's been into short messaging for a long time! We want Christians to find out how to 'live light' in 25 words. Pray that God would teach you through His Word as you read and consider the question.


We would like to thank Bible Society Australia for providing this plan. For more information please visit www.25words.biblesociety.org.au

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