The Beginning, the End, and Everything In-Between

The Beginning, the End, and Everything In-Between

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The Gospel, the Good News of God’s plan to redeem us, is central to the story of the Bible. Throughout the Old Testament, prophets and promises pointed forward in time to a person who would show up and save God’s people. They called this mysterious person “Messiah,” which means Christ, the Anointed One, Promised Deliverer, and Savior. As you read the Old Testament, there are glimpses and hints of this Messiah who was to come. Let’s explore a few key passages to see what clues we might find.

Today’s passage is about King David of Bethlehem, the greatest king in Israel’s history. The shepherd boy who killed the giant, wrote many of the Psalms, and desired to build a temple for God.

As king, David saw the palace he lived in and wanted to bless God by building him a home too. Responding through a prophet named Nathan, God answers David’s desire with a blessing back upon the house and lineage of David. God promises an everlasting kingdom and an eternal throne from David’s line, hinting at another King yet to come!

David knew God’s promises were a guarantee because God cannot lie. David didn’t fully know all that God had planned for him, for his family, and for the future of his family line (which ultimately leads us to Jesus), but his response reveals his trust and faith in God. Which brings us to an important question we should ask ourselves - how do I respond when I don’t fully understand God’s plan?

God was unveiling a unified story. David was an important but flawed character in the plan God was unfolding. Yet God fulfilled his promise to David in Jesus. Do you see it?

Consider: Take a minute to think about the themes of David’s life - like shepherding, worship, and kingship.

Reflect: Where do the themes of David’s story show up in the stories of Jesus throughout the Gospels? What possible ties do you see across the stories? What does that tell us about God’s plan?

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The Beginning, the End, and Everything In-Between

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