Who Controls You?

Day 2 of 5



Take turns thanking God for your favorite animals and for the wonder of His creation.


Think of an animal that you would like to ride. Encourage the younger children in your family to act out the animal of their choice, then take turns talking about which animal you would choose to ride and why.


Many different kinds of animals can be ridden: horses, llamas, donkeys, elephants, camels and even ostriches. And while it may be fun to ride these animals, it would be difficult to actually get anywhere without some way to control them. For many animals, a bit and bridle are used to apply pressure that will point them in the right direction. The Bible uses a bit and bridle as an illustration. “Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you” (Psalm 32:9). If you have trouble controlling yourself, you may feel the pressure of God’s discipline as He points you in the right direction. This discipline can come through parents or other authorities. However, when you choose to follow God’s Word and quickly obey Him, He’ll keep you on the right path.


- If bits and bridles provide direction for animals, what kinds of things could be like "bits and bridles" for people?

- List the many places and people from which you can get direction for your life.

- How do you respond to God's directions for your life (such as those found in the Bible)? Do you follow them easily? Why or why not?

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Although we may agree that self-control is a positive character trait, learning to temper our cravings and control our behavior can be difficult and, frankly, not much fun. In this five-day plan, you and your children will be challenged to consider how God’s desire is not to deny us, but to protect us. Each day includes a prayer prompt, brief Scripture reading and explanation, hands-on activity, and discussion questions.


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