The Magic Of Christmas

“Standing-On-Your-Tiptoes Anticipation”

Before we were married, Julie and I knew we wanted kids. After three years of marriage, we were ready. But for the next three years, we could not get pregnant. Every month, for 36 months, we were reminded of our struggle with infertility.

Then one day, we found out Julie was pregnant! Since we had waited three years for this, you might assume that only having to wait nine more months would’ve been easy. Wrong! It seemed like forever. We could not wait to meet this little girl we’d dreamed about!

Have you ever felt this type of anticipation? You were on the edge of your seat. You couldn’t sit still. It’s all you could talk about. The prophet Isaiah caused people to experience this kind of expectancy. He talked about a Savior who would come one day. He called him “Wonderful Counselor,” “Mighty God,” “Everlasting Father,” “Prince of Peace.” And he said, “Of the greatness of his government and peace there will be no end” (Isaiah 9:7).

Talk about good news for everyone. Talk about standing-on-your-tiptoes anticipation! This is what the Advent season is supposed to feel like. We’re celebrating the birth of the person who can do for us what no one else can: bring us from darkness to light, from death to life.

The days leading up to Christmas are supposed to be filled with standing-on-your-tiptoes anticipation. Maybe you are anticipating something good this Christmas—that gift you really want, the get-together with friends or family, or that special Christmas tradition. Or maybe you are anticipating something less-than-good: a packed calendar, a painful memory of a lost relationship, or that awkward family member.

What if this Christmas were different? What if you could spend this Advent season anticipating something that would leave you feeling happy, satisfied, fulfilled, and loved? You can.

Let’s turn our anticipation to Jesus—our rescuer, our hope, our Savior, our physician, our eternal salvation, God with us. Jesus was born! For you! For me! Let’s stand on our tiptoes and anticipate Jesus together. Here are two simple ways:

1. Every day, simply think of the name Jesus, and let your thoughts wander from there.
2. Join us as our staff leads us through this devotional: The Magic of Christmas.

I can’t wait. I hope you’re standing on your tiptoes too!

Casey Ross
Ministry Services