Growing Patience

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Thank God for answering so many of your family's prayers at just the right time.


Guess how long the following people had to wait for things: How long did Noah and his family have to wait inside an ark for the rain to stop? (40 days) How long did Abraham and Sarah have to wait for a baby? (25 years) How long did the Israelites have to wait to enter the Promised Land? (40 years) Ask your parents how long you will have to wait for a treat.


Sometimes it seems that prayers will never be answered. But God promises that when you pray according to His will, He always hears and answers (1 John 5:14-15). Sometimes you have to wait patiently for His answer, and sometimes He answers differently than what you expect. Still, He knows how to give you what you need, exactly when you need it. To learn what the right timing for an answer is, wait for God to answer it. That’s the right time, and the perfect answer.


- What's the longest you've had to wait for something you've really wanted?

- What can you do to wait patiently for an answer to prayer?

- What are you waiting for right now? Are you waiting patiently?

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In this four-day plan, you and your children will learn the importance of being patient with ourselves, with one another, and with God and His timing. In addition, through your exploration of God’s Word, each member of your family will begin to actually appreciate opportunities to exercise patience. Each day includes a prayer prompt, brief Scripture reading and explanation, hands-on activity, and discussion questions.


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