Walk Fit. Walk Full.

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Full of Presence

As I raised my arms to bench press, pride overwhelmed me. I had completed 20 repetitions with a weight I struggled with for a single rep a few months prior. And as the old folks used to say, “I was smelling myself.” As the stench of Self-Pride filled the room instead of the sweet fragrance of Christ's presence, I got up from the bench, wiping tears from the corner of my eyes as I rushed to the bathroom to fix my face.

Let’s examine: And the church is his body; it is made full and complete by Christ, who fills all things everywhere with himself. (Ephesians 1:23) The word 'fullness' in the context of this passage expresses ‘totality.’ It implies reaching the maximum capacity. But how can we be filled if we have not emptied ourselves of all that takes up space intended for Christ? Self-Pride, or any other word combination that begins with self, must give way to prioritizing His Presence. As believers, we are the church. And as the church, we are to be full and complete with Christ, who fills everything everywhere with Himself. Everything, everywhere. The fullness of His presence is for us as a group and as individuals. Christ must fill us to maximum capacity with Himself so that we lack nothing. Being full of Christ makes us holy as He is holy. His presence in us makes us powerful and purposeful tools for the kingdom of God. Tools that will impact generations, change lives, and leave a legacy of faith others will learn from so they can grow in His fullness as well.

Let's Reflect: Are there spaces in your heart still full of self? Take note of those areas and bring them to God in prayer.

Let's Walk: As you walk today, ask Christ to fill your spirit full to overflowing with Himself. May your meditation be “more of You and less of me.” And may you walk in the fullness of knowing that Christ is in all things everywhere you step.