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Chasing FailureSample

Chasing Failure

DAY 1 OF 5

Reframing Failure

In my twenties my goal was to be in the NBA. As I trained, I had the opportunity to compete against a few former NBA players, and I quickly realized I was headed toward failure, so I decided to abort pursuing that dream. The thought of failure stopped me. A few years later I thought, "Why?" So I decided I was going to pursue my dream of playing in the NBA anyway. I had never failed at becoming an NBA player before, so how could I know the outcome without even trying? And what’s so scary about failing anyway? This was the day I decided to start chasing failure. I managed to arrange a tryout with the Phoenix Suns, and I failed. It was one of the best days of my life. Something happened in Phoenix that I don’t believe could have happened in the comfort of my own home: the fear of failure was broken off in my life.

Here’s how I see it: we’ve got a long line of people in our world trying to chase success. But in all reality, every successful person you follow, look up to, or admire has one thing in common: failures. And yet, each and every one of them became the successful people they are, not in spite of, but because of those misfires, flops, and failures. I started to wonder, "What if chasing failure was actually the quickest way to succeed?" So instead of getting in line to chase success, I decided to start a line for the brave who were willing to chase failure. What’s worse: failing while trying or failing by not trying? I want to help you reframe failure and remove the excuses you’ve given yourself for not even trying.

Chasing failure is more about who you’re becoming than what you’re achieving. Chasing success is circumstantial, whereas chasing failure is dependent not on circumstances but on your attitude, character, and mindset when the inevitable pitfalls, obstacles, and losses in life happen. Envision a world where people aren’t afraid to fail—where just because someone is better than you at something doesn’t mean you have to live intimidated by them. Sometimes we discover what we’re supposed to do by process of elimination. With this mindset, we can make a difference.

Chasing failure is about giving your best to what you want to accomplish and being willing to live with the results. Those who are following what God has called them to do can step out bravely knowing that the outcome is in God’s hands and that the journey is what makes us who He wants us to become. If we’re going to chase failure successfully (yes, I know that sounds like a contradiction), we need to understand why we are chasing failure. If your why is compelling, you’ll be willing to get it wrong a few times to get it right. When you’re chasing failure, either you’re learning along the way or you’re going to eventually win, and perhaps both. Every day that you open yourself to opportunities for failure, you can inspire and give someone hope to keep moving on.


What keeps you from chasing the things you were made to do and be?

Why is it important for you to use the abilities and chase the dreams God has given you?

If you are a follower of Jesus, how does He reframe the way you look at failure?

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Chasing Failure

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