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The resurrection of Lord Jesus is the proof that He is God who fulfilled His promises to the believers. Lord Jesus said in Matthew 16:21 that He must go to Jerusalem, and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised the third day.

Even though Jesus’ resurrection was rejected by the chief priests - and they paid the guards to cover what they had witnessed - it could not hinder Jesus' words, that He would rise on the third day. Mary and the disciples were the witnesses of all of these, and we also believe that He rose from the dead.

Apostle Paul said that our faith and belief would be in vain if Lord Jesus was not raised. Why? Because by believing in the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we believe that He can raise us and even give us life and even eternal life.

Let us walk together in faith. We use the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and become victorious people. Hallelujah!!


Today we will be blessed by several things that we can learn from the resurrection of Jesus Christ:

1. The Lord’s promise for the power of Jesus Christ’s resurrection 

 “He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.“ (Matthew 28:6)

What we can learn from this verse is that not a single word of God or His Word has fallen. God’s promises are pure and tested for nothing is impossible for the Lord. 

The devil will use the world and the conditions around us, and even attack our minds to try averting our eyes. The devil will try to shake our hearts so that we can focus more on him, and not on God and His words. Therefore, we need to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ amid the challenges and problems we face - that God will surely fulfill His Word and His promises to believers.

Hold on to the Word of God every day, walk with the Word of God every day. There are certain things that we have to wait until His promises or His words come to pass. The same thing happened to the disciples. The disciples’ hearts were shaken when Lord Jesus died on the cross and then buried. They might also wait anxiously for the things that were going to happen.

During this waiting period, Mary and her friends came to the tomb of Jesus. They were shocked. They listened to the angels who told them that the One they were looking for had risen from the dead. Jesus fulfilled His promise that He would rise on the third day.

Wait on the Lord, be strong, take courage, and do not be afraid. Trust God that He has a day of resurrection for us because for God nothing is impossible. 

2. The power of Jesus’ resurrection for the believers

In this world, there are so many teachings or rituals that promise power to their followers. Sometimes they are even willing to do anything to get that power without realizing the dangerous effects of that power on them – which we call the power of darkness.

How about all of us as believers? What kind of power has God given us? There is great news for all of us! Lord Jesus said that He gave and filled each of us with the power of His resurrection. Remember that He will certainly fulfill His words to us, therefore, let’s believe we can experience that power.

The power of the resurrection of Jesus dispels all fears. Matthew 28:10 says, “Then Jesus said to them, “Do not be afraid. Go and tell My brethren to go to Galilee, and there they will see Me.”

In this life, sometimes we face situations that make us afraid. We are afraid of failure, we are afraid of the future, we are afraid of illness, and we are afraid of other problems.

Lord Jesus understood what was felt by Mary and her friends.  They were terrified. God also understands the situation we are in, however, He tells us not to be afraid. On the other hand, let's believe God's power can help us and give us strength.

The resurrection power will be given by God to us through our prayers, praise, and worship. Keep building intimacy with the Lord every day, and receive the power of the Holy Spirit that will fill us.


The Father desires to see His children blessed spiritually, physically, spiritually, and materially. The Father wants us to be His children who live in victory. The Father also knows that for all of these to happen, He needs to equip us with the power of the Most High, which is the power of the resurrection of Jesus. This is the time for us to be filled with the power and use the power of Jesus' resurrection.

The Father's next desire is to use all of us, His children, to channel the power of Jesus' resurrection. How could we do that? By engaging in ministry, becoming the salt and light in our midst, praying for those who are sick, and helping those in distress. Let’s use and share that power. Amen.


• What did you do to receive power from God the Father? Share it with others.

• Share your experiences when you used and shared the power from God the Father.