A Letter in Lockdown

A Letter in Lockdown

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The book of Philippians is a letter written by Paul the Apostle to the Church in Philippi. Early Christians were frequently persecuted there as Philippi was a Roman colony, and the Romans called Caesar King, not Jesus. Paul was thrown into gaol there (literally in lockdown) because he told people about the good news of Jesus. The local church delivered a gift to him to show their gratitude for his ministry, and Paul wrote them this letter in return.


The very first thing Paul says to the people in this church is “Grace and Peace to you.” He doesn’t whine, groan, moan, or mock those who threw him in gaol. Oh, and remember gaol? He’s in gaol of all places! 

To use gaol as a metaphor, life can feel that way sometimes. We can feel trapped by the guilt of our past mistakes, chained to anxious and depressive thoughts, or frustrated by family or friends. Life can feel like lockdown, even when we’re outside of a literal COVID- 19 lockdown. 

Despite Paul’s predicament, he chooses to pray for grace and peace over other people first and foremost. He thinks not of himself first but thinks first of others. “Grace and Peace to you from God.” When you feel locked down, what’s the first thing that comes out of your mouth? Who do you think of first? 

Army Veteran and author John Holmes said, “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

Daily Challenge:

Encourage one person today and pray Grace and Peace over three others. 


Lord, I thank you that you are grace and peace personified. I ask that you fill me today with grace and peace so that I may share that with others. Lift my eyes and help me to think first of others instead of myself. 

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A Letter in Lockdown

Life at times can feel like lockdown, even when we’re outside of a literal COVID- 19 lockdown! Paul writes his letter to the Philippians whilst in gaol, literal lockdown. Despite his predicament, Paul has a confident hop...

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