Work Is A Gift Of Grace

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Grace from God

Work is what consumes the majority of our weekly, waking hours. For many, it is what gives meaning to our lives. It either excites us or drains us. We even go to school and obtain degrees to specialize and do our work even better. Although some focus on specific venues of work, others find themselves at their work wondering how they ended up there. Have we ever stopped to think about our work from a proper biblical perspective? 

Work was given as a gift of grace to us from God Himself. Throughout the Scriptures, work is spoken about as a gift. To better understand the gift of work, we first need to take a quick look at the word “grace.” Though it has multiple meanings, in the context of a gift- something that is given to another; it also means “unmerited favor.” The grace we are given from God is neither earned, nor purchased, nor deserved. 

In the book of Genesis, we see that God, out of His gracious love for us, graced us with work. The Word of God has much to tell us about the work that we do. Starting all the way back in the Garden of Eden, the first people who worked were Adam and Eve. 

In this plan, we will trace some of the major passages in Scripture that tell us about the work we were gifted and created to do. My prayer is that we will see our work from a different perspective. I want us to transform how we view the workplace and understand how blessed we are to work. It is, after all, where we spend the majority of our time and energy. 

Let us pray:  “Thank you, Father, for giving me a job. Thank you for the opportunity to work. May You give me understanding and a new perspective on the work that I do here on earth to better serve You. Thank you for the undeserved grace You pour daily into my life. It is in Your name we pray, amen.”