Bible Trek | Galilee Series


Jesus at Peter's house

‘He went to her, took her by the hand and helped her up.’ (Mark 1.31)

Looking around 

Arguably the most iconic piece of Christian architecture, St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, is named after one of Jesus’ closest friends. But Peter, the fisherman, lived in a much humbler building in the Galilean town of Capernaum. Thanks to the work and skill of archaeologists, it can still be seen today.

The house – a single-storey, flat-roofed dwelling – derives its importance from the fact that Jesus came to visit, curing Peter’s mother-in-law and many others who subsequently came knocking on Peter’s door.

Archaeologists can tell us about the foundations of the house. Jesus, meanwhile, declared him ‘rock’ of the Church. Peter’s life was transformed from fishing on a provincial lake, to leading the Jesus movement in Jerusalem alongside Jesus’s brother James. His greatness and renown all go back to the day when the master called him to follow him and visited him in his home.

Stepping closer 

Behind closed doors you start to get to know someone.

In Simon’s house, Jesus went to his mother-in-law, took her hand and helped her up. When Jesus sees suffering, he acts. If you’re in pain, if you need healing, remember Jesus’ most natural reaction is to move towards those suffering and not away.

Jesus takes the woman by the hand and restores her from the hospital bed to hospitality. This is what he was all about: full restoration. Jesus healed some physically. On another occasion (Mark 2.1–12) he forgave the sins of a paralysed man. The arrival of God’s kingdom meant healing of the heart, first and foremost – deliverance from sin which ruins our relationship with God.

Behind the doors, we see what Jesus was all about: deep, soul-level healing. Today he wants to fully restore you. Will you let him?