Up! We Will Elevate (Week 2)

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


Day One- I Value Others 

Welcome to this devotional for kids!  Our ‘UP’ series is inspired by our ‘We Will Elevate’ DNA - We practise showing kindness to those around us and never leave anyone out. We value others the way God values us by being good friends and listeners, respecting our leaders and parents, and choosing to always see the good in others.

During this series, we want to truly grasp what it means to honour and elevate those around us - not just those who seem to be popular or are the most important in our lives, but to remember that God wants us to ‘take delight in honouring each other’ that means everyone! 

Follow along as we truly grasp what it means to honour and elevate those around us! 


Jesus Teaches on the Mountain in any Children’s Bible or Matthew 5:1-12

All sorts of people went to see Jesus - just like we have all sorts of people in our churches. 

They all wanted to hear what Jesus was teaching about. 


Just like there were all sorts of people gathered on the mountain to hear Jesus teach, so there are all sorts of people that gather in our churches. 

All of these people are gathered to hear from Jesus -  did you know that when you listen to a bible story you are listening to Jesus? 

We all value what Jesus wants to say to us - it’s important - we value something that is important. 


Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honouring each other. (Romans 12:10)


Jesus, you show us how to be kind, 

No greater love will we find. 

Your deep love that gives us great value, 

Growing us as we learn more about you. 

Our friend, our saviour, our kind teacher, 

Helping us see the good in each other.