Real Hope: Unite in Hope

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Unity Doesn’t Mean What You Think

Just as a body, though one, has many parts, all its many parts form one body- so it is with Christ.

How do you view the concept of 'unity'? It’s a very powerful word, but one that can feel very diluted when it’s 'sloganised' and used as a cover-all for messages about peace and tolerance.

I enjoy digging into meanings when I read scripture. A quick web search will amplify a word’s intention and deepen my understanding of the Bible’s message.

The word unity means ‘The state of being united, or joined as a whole.’

It doesn’t speak to the bland uniformity of mind, belief, or character – but to the connection as one: a picture of things that were once isolated, removed, or broken linked up with what’s nearby. Like scattered magnets drawing toward a central point and clicking into place.

What is the goal of that togetherness and unity? What should we take away from the example of this scripture?  It’s for each part of the body to function in its unique purpose in support of the health of the whole.

A hand can be a hand, but united with the body it can enable touch, intimacy, friendship, and effort. An eye can see independently, but united with the body it can illuminate the direction of the entire collective.

Unity isn’t so much about ‘sameness’, it's about using your unique contribution to serve everybody’s collective wellbeing. How can you do that today?