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Relationship Advice

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An Important Invitation Friendships. We all know we need them, but if we’re honest, they can be really difficult. We all have this image of having the perfect friendships like you’d see on a sitcom, and we’ve all experienced FOMO when you see a group of friends hanging out in the perfect Instagram photo while you’re sitting alone eating ice cream in your pajamas at 8:30pm. But as difficult as it can be to find friends, it’s important to fight for relationships. We have to push through the fear of what might go wrong and let go of previous hurts that make it difficult for us to be vulnerable. To make it even harder, many of us live in cultures where independence is celebrated. While there’s nothing wrong with being independent, we’re also created to depend on God and others. And when we don’t, we can end up feeling lonely, isolated, and overwhelmed. It’s not hard to argue that loneliness is not from God–in fact, loneliness was the very first thing God considered “not good.” > The Lord God said, “‘It is not good for man to be alone. ...” Genesis 2:18 NIV Yet, we’re living in one of the most isolated periods of our time. So why is it difficult to find people to do life with? Take a moment to consider any hesitations you have when it comes to building relationships with others. Is it a fear of rejection? Is it the lie that you’re better off alone? Deep relationships are something everyone craves, but very few people achieve. Perhaps it’s because nobody really teaches you how to make friends in school. But God’s Word is packed with wisdom that we can take with us as we courageously decide to start investing in the relationships around us—and maybe even the ones you’ve wanted to start. Having friends starts with the boldness to invite someone into your life—whether it’s a friend, mentor, or family member. If the idea of this makes you cringe, think of it as a mutually beneficial gift that ensures both of you have someone to talk to about things going on in your lives. Over the next week, we’ll look at the relationships everyone needs in their life and discover that relationships are worth the work they require. Pray: Heavenly Father, I believe that You have created me for relationships. I know why it’s important to have people around me to do life with, but I struggle with the “how.” I fear _______ when it comes to relationships. Give me the boldness to take a step toward deeper friendships. In Jesus’ name, amen. Challenge: Is there a person you work with, someone you’ve seen around at church, or someone you’ve seen regularly at your favorite coffee shop? Take time this week to start a conversation with them. What’s the worst that could happen?
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Relationship Advice

Many of us know the importance of having healthy relationships, but how do you find the right friends? How do you keep your relationships healthy? Is it okay to set boundaries with your friends and family? In this 7-day ...


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