Division & Diversion

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Division and Diversion - Satan’s Scheme by Bryan Craig 


I serve a discipleship ministry called Influencers.  We see transformed lives who are influencing their families, churches and communities and who feel a sacred responsibility to help others become disciples.  It is truly a movement of the Holy Spirit, and we are humbled that He would use us to do such a great work.

Given the impact of this ministry, we make no illusions of the fact that the target on our backs has gotten bigger in the eyes of our enemy.  We are certain that many evil forces are being dispatched against us, but we know the Lord, too, is protecting us with His spiritual armor and with His warring angels.  Scripture is clear that we are to be aware of our enemy, so we will know how to take our stand against his schemes. (Ephesians 6:11)

Our Founder has shared a belief that the two main ways Satan would try to destroy this ministry are by Division and Diversion.  The more I’ve meditated upon this thought and sought Scripture and the longer I have labored in my role with Influencers, I see this warning confirmed.  Since this is a clear and present danger, I believe we should spend some time equipping ourselves for this battle.

DIVISION - I’ve actually noticed in my spiritual journey that Satan does try to divide.  First, he tries to divide us from God, keeping us from God’s Word, from prayer, from the Holy Spirit, from an intimate, abiding relationship with Christ.  Second, he tries to divide us from our spouses and those closest to us.  How often, do we see disagreements, misunderstandings, desires to control, prejudices and a barrage of other methods work to divide us relationally, especially among Christians.

DIVERSION - There is a reason that when Jesus taught His followers how to pray, He taught them to ask for God’s will to be done.  God created us with His purposes in mind.  He awakens us to His love for us, and when we submit ourselves to Him, He sends His Spirit to guide us.  He calls us to a new mission on earth that reflects His will. It makes sense that the evil one would like to get us off this course.  Most of the time, these are subtle misdirects that seem innocent and worthy of our attention, but in the end, they could take us away from our calling.

Let’s study some Scriptures this week that pertain to this threat, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us into truth.  Let’s ask Him also to show us where we are vulnerable or even falling for Satan’s schemes.