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Ten Qualities of a Kingdom Business OwnerSample

Ten Qualities of a Kingdom Business Owner

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There are many overlapping qualities that I have observed during this season. During the COVID-19 shut down in America, I found myself reflecting and looking at all the qualities of kingdom business owners. For a few years now I have wanted to put together a blueprint for business owners to follow and become kingdom business owners. Do Christian business owners do anything different than any other business owner? Does the Bible address business owners and doing business in a manner that has different principles than non-believers? 

Many great business leaders have worked hard all their lives only to discover there must be more to life than this. Once you have achieved all your goals and dreams, what else is necessary to add redeeming value to your business? There are some commonalities with owners who have discovered redeeming value in their business calling. In this Bible plan, I will offer you a blueprint that will inspire, encourage, and equip you to become a kingdom business owner. Are you ready to begin this journey, and add a whole new dimension to your life and business? Let’s follow the blueprint! 

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Ten Qualities of a Kingdom Business Owner

"I’ve had the privilege of walking through numerous businesses over the past thirty-five years as a corporate chaplain. The experience of interacting with business owners and observing how these owners operate their busi...


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