New Life

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Keeping silent - that can be an easy thing to do, at least for me. Silence has a lot to do with control. When we are in control, we keep things to ourselves, away from the Lord. When we keep things to ourselves, we keep our sins quiet. Keeping our sins quiet leads to not confessing our immoral acts to our Heavenly Father. 

There have been days when I have felt my bones wasting away because of my desire to be silent. The Lord was distant and I felt weak. Why was that? Because I was not confessing my sins to Him. I was in control and kept sins silent. When I realized I’d kept my transgressions from the Lord, God reminded me that in order to have strength and receive His joy, I needed to let go of control, recognize my sins, and surrender it all to Him. Once I went through this journey, I found freedom in God’s grace, and you can, too. Find peace today in knowing that He has lifted your burdens. 



God, help me to see the hidden temptations that can lead me into sin which I carry every day. Help me to confess them to you without covering them to make me look better. You see me truly and I can hide nothing from you. Forgive me and restore the joy of my salvation. In Jesus' Name, Amen.



  • Do you make a habit of recognizing your sins daily? If so, do you confess them to the Lord immediately?



Take a moment and sit. Write down what sins you are struggling with this week. Listen to the Lord and hear what He has to say. Ask Jesus to forgive you and wash away your sins. Once you have asked Him to forgive you, ask Him to help you with any future temptations that can lead you into sin. Write them on a piece of paper and burn them. This will remind you that the Lord forgives and forgets your trespasses.