Better Together

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Better Together

Marriage is a gift from God. It allows us to spend life with someone who shares burdens and loves unconditionally. Though life can be uncertain, being able to depend on our spouse make things better.

There is nothing like cheering your spouse on when they are working to achieve a goal, or hugging one another for comfort during difficult times. There can be so much joy in making dinner together or looking after one another when someone isn’t feeling well. Being able to give our time and energy to our spouse is just as fulfilling as receiving the same.

Furthermore, there are great benefits in seeing things from a different perspective. Both men and women offer unique perspectives to marriage that will enhance the union. When we embrace those differences and allow each other to be authentic, we have access to limitless possibilities.

We believe marriage is worth commitment. In scripture, king Solomon says, “ two people are better than one,” and we agree! As you read through this devotion, we pray that God would give you grace to accept your spouse for who they are becoming and support them with the gifts God has given you. We pray that your marriage grows stronger and that you become better, together!