Let's Go Over to the Other Side

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2020 has proven to be an extremely challenging year for many. This year has been full of change and although in our world change is essential and inevitable, we need to learn how to navigate seasons of change in a healthy way.  When we go through seasons of change, we notice three main stages: leaving of the past, painful transition, and a new and hope-filled future. Each stage is unique and presents its own challenges. However, there are skills that we can develop to handle each stage with strength and grace. Leaving of the past requires a sense of honor and a sense of grief over what is being left behind. The painful transition requires a sense of wisdom and commitment to trust in the process of change and to trust that God is with us in these moments. Lastly, the new and hope-filled future stage requires trust and vision in Jesus unlike ever before as we allow him to take us into an exciting new season. This has undoubtedly been a tough year, but if we can navigate these changes well, God has a hope-filled future in store for us.  


Do you currently find yourself facing big changes?  

How do you respond to unanticipated change?  

What skills do you need to develop to help you better navigate these changes?