When the Dust Settles

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Throughout history and within the Bible we see kingdoms rise and fall. This year has been one of unpredictability, change, and reconciling hard questions. It has provoked a sense of desperation within many believers and caused humanity to ask profound questions relating to purpose, belonging, contentment, and faith.  

Desperation enables us to live in a place of surrender and with an openness to revelation. Despite the circumstances of our lives or the environments in which we find ourselves, God’s kingdom is not moved or altered by what we face. God’s kingdom cannot be shaken.

In the midst of unforeseen circumstances, we see the people of God denied by others, pressured to leave their faith, or cast out from society. When pressure is applied on all sides – within our workplace, home life, finance, or even within our own minds – we can hold on to the truth that God’s kingdom is unshaken.  

When the dust of life settles, we can have confidence that Jesus is still King and He is still standing. He is still gracing us, His forgiveness is still stronger than our sins, and peace is available as we fix our attention on Christ Jesus. We can take heart, when we face hardships, and lean into Jesus with greater dependency. God’s kingdom is unshaken by the earth’s instability. Depend on Him completely. 


When you don’t know how to navigate your day, invite the Holy Spirit to give you Kingdom perspective on your life. 

When was the last time you asked God to reveal the unchanging nature of His Kingdom within your week?