The Zealots

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Jesus has a passion and zeal for the House of God that we see clearly displayed in John 2.  The people had turned the temple into a place where they were selling their goods and had completely turned it from a sacred place of worship into a space that was misused.  In our current circumstances of not being able to meet within the four walls of church, it may feel like sometimes church is not what it should be.  We may feel like our passion for the things of God has started to fade.  We may feel overwhelmed and tired just thinking about our day to day tasks.  But Jesus shows us that we can still have zeal for His house and we can begin to turn things around by remembering our passion for the things of God.  We can be the church wherever we are and can continue to have zeal for the House of God in our own homes and spheres of influence. 


What do people see when they watch you in your everyday?  Would zeal or passion be what they see?