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Resilience in LeadershipSample

Resilience in Leadership

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Palm trees in the marketplace

How valuable it is to inquire into the analogies found in the Bible that relate to people who choose to live in the Lord! 

For example, in Psalm 92:12a KJV,  the psalmist says, “The righteous will flourish like the palm tree.” What does this mean to me as a Christian?

I had the opportunity to go to Dubai and see the beauty of that country, and I still refresh the impressive impact it had on me to see so many palm trees in such an arid place. Although these palm trees are different from the tropical palms or coconut trees found in the Caribbean, those beautiful palms scattered throughout the Middle East are the ones that grow dates, that sweet fruit known as the “Superfood” for its high energy and vitamin content. 

When Israel is mentioned in the Bible as the land flowing with milk and honey, it refers to honey extracted from dates, not from bees. How valuable it is to know and connect how God promises that the righteous will flourish and bear fruit like a palm tree—a tree that is able to stay upright and strong even in desert conditions, with high temperatures during the day and low temperatures during the night. A palm tree that also provides shade and fruits to the weary so that he or she can recover, be energized, and be able to continue the journey ahead. A palm tree whose visibility from a distance is indicative that there is an oasis or a water source underneath. 

When we walk in the Lord, we can then see ourselves as the date palm when it blooms. Our ability to be resilient, that is, to endure the onslaught of reality while still fulfilling our mission, comes from God and is intended to bless others. 

Now, we are a symbol, an evidence, and a testimony before the world of how an all-powerful God sustains us and keeps us upright in desert conditions. We are steady in the midst of the complex reality of today’s world, despite the demands of the marketplace and the culture. God’s empowering and refreshing presence in our lives allows us to flourish and deliver the integral spiritual food, like dates, from His word to others.

To reflect: Can others see in you the benefits of a date palm in their desert?

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Resilience in Leadership

Every leader needs strength, wisdom, and focus from God to handle stress, manage change, and decide wisely. Leading with resilience means anchoring your spirituality in God to fulfill your purpose and be a blessing, desp...


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