Let God Fill You Up

I’m made of dirt, of dust. But I’m more than dirt, by God’s grace. Every one of us is an earthen vessel that can be filled with the treasure of heaven. Whatever shape, size, or form you are, wherever you’re from, whatever your ethnicity or background, God wants to fill you with Himself (Ephesians 3:19). God takes us from the pit —the slimy, stinky pit— and forms us into a vessel fit for His service, to carry His presence to a world in need.

Some believe the emptiness they feel is the norm, but God is a God of fullness. He wants your life to be filled with joy, peace, love, and confidence. If you are walking around empty, you are missing the mark. God wants to fill you with His greatness. Whatever is made available to God, He will fill. 

The Bible teaches two lessons on this subject, back-to-back. In 2 Kings 3, Joram, the new king of Israel, joins the king of Edom and Jehoshaphat, the king of Judah, in a journey to fight the Moabites. After seven days in the desert of Edom, they are out of water and desperate. Jehoshaphat summons the prophet Elisha. The prophet asks for someone to play worship music, and then the power of God descends upon him. Elisha instructs the kings to dig ditches in the valley. Without rain and without wind —miraculously— every ditch fills with water overnight, and the armies quench their thirst. 

Following this miracle, the Moabites mistake the sun’s reflection on the water for blood, descend into the valley, and are defeated. God filled the emptiness and turned it into a vehicle for victory. If you feel empty, dig a ditch for God. Make room for Him, and the Holy Spirit will fill you up. 

The second lesson is the story of an indebted widow. She begs for help from Elisha, telling him that her sons will be taken as indentured servants to pay off her debt. Elisha's word to her is to go to her neighbors and get as many empty vessels as she can— big ones, little ones, pots, clay jars, whatever she can find. So this is what she does. 

Elisha then tells her to pour the little bit of oil she has into the first vessel. She starts pouring and pouring, pouring the oil until every vessel is full to overflowing and her debts can be paid. When you bring your vessels to God, there is plenty of treasure, anointing, and power to fill them. If you make your life available to God, He will fill you with His presence.