It's Harvest Time

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I’ve lived on earth my entire life. I believe we all have!

And I've also lived in a state that gets all four seasons my entire life, although I don’t think the summer stays around as long as winter where I live. Despite the short-lived summer and my desire to have extended warm days, I love autumn (also known as fall). I love the smell, the look, the food, the family holidays—just about everything.

Entering into the fall season this year, a word I have seen my entire life has suddenly stood out to me like a sore thumb. It’s the word “harvest.” Now, all my life this has been a word that was indicative of us coming upon a new season, yet it has meant very little to me as a non-farming individual. But this year, there appears to have been a heavenly microscope on it. 

In the typical sense, tells us that the word harvest means a gathering of crops or a crop or yield of one's growing seasons. This is wonderful but the strong nudging I had been feeling required me to lean more into the spiritual significance of this word. I knew God was calling me to gain a greater awareness and understanding of what it meant for me as a follower of Jesus.

As followers of Christ, our responsibility while on this side of heaven is to invite people to know Jesus. That is a huge responsibility and a difficult one for those that are quite complacent with Christianity being confined to great Sunday sermons and inspirational posts. Or even those of us who simply feel that our goal is to live as good people, follow the rules, and make it to heaven. 

But the reason for our existence is far greater. We get to be harvesters for the Kingdom of God, and what better time to point people toward eternity then now?

In this devotional, we will talk more about this responsibility. Today, I want to ask you, when was the last time you told someone about Jesus? 

Be honest but not ashamed. We'll spend our time together growing in this area.