Faith to Move Mountains - A Disciple-Maker's Devotional

Day 2 of 7 • This day’s reading


Multiplied Bread and Fish 

Facing a great crowd of hungry people in a remote place, Jesus turned to Philip and asked a question that stretched his faith. From Philip’s perspective, buying enough bread for all the people was impossible. No way. 

Yesterday’s devotional challenged us to believe for a 10-fold increase in fruit over the next few years. For many of our frontline workers, a 10-fold increase is impossible. But if indeed the Lord has given us this challenge, we can expect He already has in mind what He is going to do. 

Jesus had a plan. He would do His part; others would do theirs. The disciples had no food to contribute, but rather than throw up their hands in frustration at Jesus’ wild request, they took action. Andrew found a local boy. “Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish.” At least this was something—all that was humanly possible. Comparing this little bit of bread and fish to what was needed, Andrew asked: “But how far will they go among so many?’” 

Jesus took the small loaves and fish, gave thanks to God, and began giving, giving, and giving. Everyone was well fed. A miracle took place. The goal was reached. All the people were amazed by Jesus. “Surely, He is the Prophet we have been expecting!” 

Many of us are asking God for a 10-fold increase in the harvest. Without God it is impossible. But He can multiply. One of our church-planting teams working in an unreached Asian city saw the number of their disciples grow from 14 to 120 in one year and to 240 the next year. God used local young people who offered the little they had to Jesus. 

Let Jesus stretch our faith. Look beyond the natural to the supernatural. Let us bring to Jesus what we currently have and ask Him to multiply it. If He lifts it up and blesses it, multiplication will come. So amazing was the feeding of the 5,000 that the story is told in all four gospels. Jesus has not stopped doing amazing things. May He use us in creating new stories that spread His fame! 

Personal questions to consider: 

1. What fruit do you currently have from your service for Jesus? How will you thank Him? 

2. What would multiplication of this fruit look like? 

Pray for the frontline workers to:

1. Celebrate the fruit they already have from their work and chose how they will offer it to Jesus so He can bless and multiply it. 

2. Discern which local people might join with them like the boy in the story, and to recognize what local resources they can bring, like the five loaves and two fish.