The Heart of God Towards the Poor and Suffering

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In the Christian community, we hear the word compassion quite a bit. We know it’s a word that describes Jesus, and we know we are called to be the same, but what does it mean exactly? What is compassion as it relates to a Christian?

The latin word for compassion means, “to suffer with.” It’s not a momentary feeling or emotion. It’s not wishing you could do something, but seemingly unable to offer any help. Compassion means to see the suffering of another, and to suffer with them. It’s seeing someone in pain or despair and having the desire to relieve it.

When Jesus landed and saw the large crowd of people before him, he saw their need. The Bible says he had compassion and began teaching them. This is an important verse as we explore compassion because it allows us to see what compassion is; it’s an action to do something for another who is in need.

Does your perception of compassion align with the example given to us by Jesus? If compassion is an action, and indeed it is, how are you exercising the calling to relieve the pain and suffering of others?

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